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New Year. New Home.

With the new year upon us, our thoughts have turned from holiday celebrations to a more organized home. While doing a little research, we’ve come up with our 12 favorite tips for you to organize your new home in Dayton. Tips compiled from the best known sources for getting and keeping a well organized home include The Container Store, Good Housekeeping, Houzz, and Houselogic.

Start in one place
If you have several areas in your home you want to get under control, start with just one. You decide which one to start with – is it the area that gives you the biggest headache, or the area that guests to your home most easily see? Whatever your priorities, select one area and stick to it. Many attempts at organization fail when the task of cleaning up the entire house seems daunting, and folks give up. When you complete one area, celebrate and then move on to the next.

Allow plenty of time
Don’t expect organization to happen overnight. Depending on the area to be organized, schedule 20 minutes a day to a couple of hours each weekend to work on getting your areas organized.

Clean house
Once you’ve selected an area, go through the contents. Donate or hold a garage sale for anything you don’t or can’t wear or use any more. Use the two-year rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn it in two years, it’s time to say goodbye to it. These items take up valuable space and probably won’t be missed. We suggest using laundry baskets for sorting donate, garage sale, or trash.

Take inventory
After you’ve removed extraneous items, look at what remains. Does it belong here? Does it make sense to keep it here? Is there another place where you’ve got more room to keep it, or another area where it would be more easily accessible for its purpose? For example, take that professional-grade mixer that you’ve been keeping in the back of your closet and move it to the kitchen. When it’s time to tackle that area of the home, you can incorporate the mixer into the new storage plan for the kitchen.

Choose square or rectangular containers for efficient storage in cabinets, closets, shelves, and under beds. The three rules to organization are visibility, accessibility, and flexibility. Choose containers that are either transparent or that you can easily label to help immediately identify the contents and save valuable time.

Organizing your closet and your wardrobe
Out of sight out of mind – we wear what we can see. After sorting through items for keeping, donating, selling, or trashing, make sure your clothes are organized by category and all on the same style and color of hangers. You can even double up on hangers by hooking hangers together with a can tab. Two hangers eat up less space and are the perfect way to hang coordinating pieces like shirts and sweater or slacks and jackets. Stop clothing slippage by using no-slip hangers or by adding few coils of pipe cleaner so strappy tanks and slippery silk blouses won’t wind up on the floor as you flip through them. Place shoes in transparent shoe boxes so they’ll easily stack on shelves. Store handbags on your top shelf so they’ll be easily visible.

Coded bins and buckets or below-bench baskets
Avoid the entryway, laundry room, and mudroom pileup of scarves, hats, dog leashes, and random personal items by giving each member of the family (including Fido) their own basket or bucket. Even if folks aren’t perfect about stashing their stuff, at least you’ll know where to toss it when doing a quick tidy-up!

Labeled lids
Deep and tall kitchen drawers are perfect for storing spices, flour, sugar, etc. Stop the search by storing containers with labels on the lids! All you need to do is glance down to find the ingredients you’re after.

Top of cupboard storage baskets
Fill wasted space above upper mudroom, laundry room or kitchen cabinets with attractive woven storage baskets. Since this spot is usually accessible only by ladder, it’s a good place to keep less frequently (and very heavy) used items.

Use the one in, one out rule
Remember that storage is finite, and that continuing to collect eventually leads to clutter and chaos. When you get a new “something” (toy, purse, jeans, etc.), send an old one to the donation or garage sale bin.

Reclaim garage ceiling space
A utility space is perfect for hanging sturdy racks overhead. Try storing seasonal items you don’t always need to access quickly on overhead storage racks in your garage.

Conceal cords with hooks
Nothing hampers decor quite like wires that have to be plugged in across the room. Tiny adhesive hooks help camouflage potential tangles by attaching cords to the back of furniture.

There’s no end to the things that need to be done around the house, but experts all agree that consistency is the key to a well-organized home! So whether you’re preparing your home for spring selling season or just trying to keep your new year resolution for a more organized living space, there’s no better time to clear the clutter than right now!

About Peebles Homes: Locally owned Peebles Homes is a third-generation new home builder offering energy efficient new homes in the Dayton area for over 80 years. Offering new homes in some of the finest communities, Peebles Homes is an active member of the Dayton HBA. Second generation homebuilder Tom Peebles served as President of the HBA in 1995 and was picked by his peers as the 1994 Builder of the Year based on a record of leadership and accomplishment. In 2009, Tom was awarded the prestigious Robert E. McDaniel-Karl Zengel Leadership Award for demonstrated leadership accomplishments over a career. Third generation homebuilder, John Peebles, is a graduate of Southern Adventist University and a Certified Green Professional by the National Association of Home Builders. John has served on the Board of the Home Builders Association since 2013, serving as Vice President in 2016 and President in 2017. John was also named the 2018 Builder Member of the Year for contributions to the industry and the community.

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