Peebles Homes

With high performance energy saving features, Peebles Homes has developed our own standard and seal of approval with ComfortSMART Homes.

At Peebles Homes, we believe that anyone can build a pretty home on the outside, but what sets us apart from other new home builders in the Dayton area is our approach to what goes behind the walls. Our ComfortSMART Homes are designed and constructed to provide you and your family with the most energy efficient and comfortable living environment available on the market.

Peebles Homes

As a Certified Green Professional, each of our homes is tested and certified by an independent third party with a blower door test that guarantees our homes maximum performance with HERS ratings.

Our homes are equipped with Energy Star energy efficient appliances that provide cost savings to your wallet and energy savings to our planet.

The heating and cooling costs can account for up to 44 percent of a typical American household’s utility bill. Older HVAC systems are prone to producing mold, are less energy efficient, and fail to cool and heat your home like a brand new home. At Peebles Homes, our HVAC systems have been designed to the size of your home with energy efficient furnaces with sealed ducts and cold air returns.

Programmable thermostats (many of which can be controlled by your smart phone) provide convenience and optimize energy use.

Additional behind the walls ComfortSMART features include R-49 attic blown fiberglass insulation, R-15 fiberglass batt insulation in exterior walls, air infiltration caulk and foam package, metal insulated entry doors and overhead garage doors, vented soffits and roof vents (per code) and low E-vinyl windows.

For those who say, “They don’t build things the way they used to,” we say, “Thank Goodness! Today’s new homes are better performing and provide better value and comfort than ever before.”