Spring garden cleaning

Spring Cleaning – Your Gardening Checklist

While the calendar still says winter, a few warmer days, the longer sunlight, and the beginning of March have turned our thoughts to lovely summer months ahead.  Dreaming of yards filled with colorful blooms, bubbling rocks and firefly lit evenings?  Starting now will have you and your yard ready for sweet tea and a fire pit in no time!

Spring Gardening Checklist for your new home in Dayton
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Revive Garden Decor: Start by taking your existing pieces out of storage and replacing them in your planting beds. If you’re like most of us, you’ll want to recycle a few and replace a few. For garden decor in the Dayton area, we love The Secret Garden. Located off Hwy. 73, The Secret Garden is a must see. Save the trip for a Saturday or Sunday as you’ll want to walk the grounds, the gardens, and the indoor/outdoor showrooms.

Plant Summer Bulbs: Start your warm-weather bulbs off early and to a solid start by planting them in pots and placing them in a warm and sunny place in your home.

Clean Up Beds: Remove leaves and debris that has collected over the winter. Be careful not to damage new tender growth.

Add Mulch: Many perennials (roses, clematis, berries) love an early application of fresh mulch. You can add up to 3 inches but be sure not to cover any fresh growth.

Hook Up Hose: After you find it, just make sure it doesn’t leak. Avoid leaving your hose attached to the hose bib until after the threat of freezing is over.

Sharpen Cutting Tools

Prune Ornamental Grasses (if you didn’t last fall)

Clean/Fill Bird Feeders & Baths

Prune Fruity Trees (before buds break)

Sweep Your Patio

Clip Perennials (if you didn’t last fall)

Divide Perennials: Spring is a great time to dig and divide your late summer and fall flowering perennials. Clumps are easily divided when the shoots first start to appear.

Clean Patio Furniture: Spring is the best time to clean your patio furniture and access your needs while the selection is still good.

Outdoor living is one of the hottest trends in new homes in Kettering, Ohio and across the nation. Whether you’re looking for a new home, decorating ideas, or landscaping ideas, stop by our model home for a tour and a little inspiration!

About Peebles Homes: As one of the top Dayton new home builders, Peebles Homes is a third generation home builder specializing in new homes in Dayton, the Miami Valley, and surrounding areas for eighty years. An award-winning Dayton new homebuilder, Peebles Homes specializes in building high performance (we call them ComfortSmart) homes in southern Ohio. PeeblesHomes.com



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